My First MOOC

Well, this is it … no more excuses. I can’t hide behind my keyboard, computer screen, RSS, or Twitter Feed — I’m coming out! This is my very first MOOC but not my first online course. Admittedly, I prefer learning face to face because my verbal abilities are stronger than my written abilities. I want to change that. I also want to learn from others, around the world, because I’m not a stagnate being. I like change and I willingly push myself to be better at what I do. What do I do? I am an elementary school principal at the American International School – Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. No, I do not go desert camping. No, I do not wear a Hijab. No, I do not drive. Yes, I love my job. Yes, I love the people I work with. Yes, sometimes I go bat crazy living here. But, who doesn’t go bat crazy every once in awhile? From this MOOC, I hope to connect with others, learn how I can better my digital leadership skills for our students and staff, and provide insight to others about my learnings after 15 years in education. I look forward to building online relationships and the public learning ahead. (#etmooc)


Jumping In

This is not my first blog but it is my first “open” professional blog. I’m writing as myself and not as anonymous and not as merely an announcer of events. I feel like my next line should go something like, “My name is Jenny and I’m a closet blogger.”

I’m the elementary school principal at the American International School – Riyadh (AIS-R) and if it weren’t for Alec Couros and his brother George (who really doesn’t even know I exist, until maybe now), I’m not so sure I’d be a principal or writing this post.  Thanks to George ‘s blog (which I started reading maybe nearly 5 years ago) and his thinking out loud, I was motivated and inspired to take a leadership role after 10 years as a teacher.  Thanks to a serendipitous meeting with Alec at the recent NESA Fall Leadership conference in Dubai, I was motivated and inspired to open myself to an online identity.  Alec, (in a very silent way) also helped me realize that although the space of an online professional network is vast, there is no room for leeches. So, thank you to these two brothers, from the opposite side of the world, for giving me courage from afar.

I hope that this blog and my Twitter are worth a following. Right now,  jumping in and giving the unknown a whirl is a bit scary.  Stay posted.